Knack Development

Using Knack to develop powerful, customised web software that solves problems and increases efficiency. Creating a positive impact through technology.

Our Services

We are experts at developing apps in the Knack database software and are lucky to work with clients all over Australia and worldwide.
We can help with:

App Design & Building

Initial design and building of new apps. We can help you work out your requirements and rapidly develop an app for you.

App Maintenance

Maintaining existing apps and building new features. We can also help with backups, staff training & troubleshooting.

Custom Coding

Using CSS and Javascript code to change the look and feel of your app or create customised functionality.

API Integrations

Integrating your Knack app with other services to create automations and additional benefits. We are experienced using Zapier, Google App Script or custom coding to integrate other services.

Consultation & Training

If you’d like to build the app yourself but need some help we provide consultation & training sessions. We can help you design your app properly, troubleshoot tricky problems and more.

Benefits of our Knack Apps

Reasonable Cost

Custom web apps & software that are fairly priced for businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Rapid Development

When coupled with our deep expertise, Knack allows for rapid development of web apps, sometimes within days.

Customised for you

Our web apps are completely customised for your organisation. Much better than out-of-the-box solutions

Past Knack Jobs & Clients

Lead Tracker for AIT

A web app to help business development representatives manage appointments for car dealerships.

December 14, 2020

| Knack | Web Development

Customer Relationship Manager for COBU

A powerful web app for managing sales & customers, monitoring smart technology systems installed in buildings & managing work orders.

November 12, 2020

| Knack | Web Development

Custom front-end for Knack Database (in Squarespace)

A beautiful customised front-end for a Knack database on a Squarespace website. Users manage own data.

October 1, 2020

| Knack | Squarespace | Web Development