Conference Krakn website & portal

Job Information

Callum Boase
January 30, 2021
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress,
Animations, API Integration, Contact form, CSS, Javascript / Jquery, and Responsive Design

Job Description

We helped a US-based entrepreneur set up a website and membership portal for a phone-based conference calling service, called Conference Krakn.

The client initially contacted us for a narrowly-scoped quote to set up part of the website and portal. However, they were impressed with the honesty and integrity with which we operated, and we ended up helping them with most of the job!

Website – Landing Page (web design)

Based on branding from the client’s designer, we built a visually impressive, fast and responsive website landing page:

  • Fully responsive design
  • Strong branding & modern layout
  • Animated, responsive slider with text layers & images
  • Customised & dynamic header (changes depending on logged in user)
  • Pricing boxes with animated toggle button (custom coded using Javascript & CSS)

Subscription Portal (web development)

The subscription portal allows users to sign up for subscriptions to get access to the conference calling service. Users can manage their own details and admins can manage all users. The subscription portal is part of the website, so the strong branding is maintained throughout.

Main features:

  • Multiple subscription plans (different options for conference calling service subscriptions)
  • Sign up forms with credit card payments (via STRIPE)
  • Customised sign-up fields
  • Data validation on fields used in sign-up process (including custom-coded validation for mobile numbers)
  • Transactional emails, including for new sign ups, successful payments, upcoming payments, failed payments, etc.
  • Recurring payments auto-charged to saved credit card details (via STRIPE)
  • Customer portal for managing subscription, payment methods & saved details
  • Admin portal for managing subscriptions and users