Customer Relationship Manager for COBU

Job Information

Callum Boase
November 12, 2020
Knack, Web Development,
Consultation / Teaching, Contact form, CRM, Custom Knack coding, and Javascript / Jquery

Job Description

We designed and implemented a major upgrade to a custom-built CRM app for Connected Buildings (COBU).

The staff at COBU had built a customer relationship manager (CRM) app for their business using the Knack database software. As the business grew and evolved, their app was left behind and was no longer meeting all their needs. This was causing inefficiencies in day-to-day operations.

Through a number of face-to-face sessions, Callum learnt about the operational procedures of COBU and designed a new version of the app. He then implemented the upgrades and guided COBU staff through a data changeover process, along with staff retraining.

The updated app

The new-and-improved app has a range of functions that integrate together into a powerful business management system. The app is now a core part of many staff members’ workflow.

Features include:

  • CRM: managing leads from initial enquiry, quoting, acceptance of sale and invoicing for sales.
  • Work orders: accepted quotes generate work orders. Technicians use the app to track the work they do & what parts are installed
  • Inventory: integrated with the CRM & Work order functionality, the app tracks the inventory of the smart technology systems installed in customer buildings.
  • Monitoring: The system assists in managing ongoing monitoring of systems installed and can be used to generate service requests when breakdowns occur.
  • Plans & Invoicing: tracking the status & invoicing of ongoing customer subscriptions for the installed technology.

Flexible & Scalable App Deisgn

Since COBU is evolving rapidly, we made sure the app was designed to be flexible and scalable. Therefore, the system allows selected users to add new product types to the app, customising the information & workflows to match the product. This advanced feature means that they can evolve and grow in new directions and their app will support them without additional help from a developer.