Farm it Forward Website & Portal

Job Information

Callum Boase
April 1, 2020
Web Design, Web Development,
Contact form, CRM, Email marketing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Instruction in how to use website

Job Description

Callum designed and built a website, along with an associated management portal / Web app, for Farm it Forward, a social enterprise based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. Farm it Forward grows food in unused backyards for the local community.

The website features a relatively simple design, in line with the branding of the organisation. Apart from standard static pages to describe the organisation, the website features a visual representation of key information, including a “progress report” animated count-up, and visual representations of services and benefits to the community.

Being a small not-for-profit with limited resources but a growing popularity, the coordinators wanted a way to record and field enquiries from members of the public in an efficient way. With that in mind, Callum built a custom CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and integrated it with the website. Members of the public fill out the customised contact form surveys on the website, and the data is saved into a backend database. Admins can log in to view and manage the data from contact us submissions, including recording ongoing communications and tracking status of potential customers. We love that we were able to build the CRM using open source software, meaning there’s no ongoing cost or subscription for the CRM service.

Integrated into the website, Callum also built a Web App / management portal to assist with day-to-day operations of Farming, including tracking Harvests, Plots and calculating Invoices. Once again, we were pleased to custom-build a solution for Farm it Forward in a very cost effective way that doesn’t involve any ongoing costs because it’s served from their existing web hosting.

The website is still a work in progress, with Callum actively helping them develop new features. Coming soon is an integration to streamline food ordering, harvesting and delivery!