Pure Javascript Colour Game

Job Information

Callum Boase
August 1, 2019
Web Development,
CSS and Javascript / Jquery

Job Description

Coding is fun, and colours are important to web design, so Callum built this silly little game to practice the names of the standard html colours.

The game is built using frontend Javascript, CSS and Html and features CSS animations (in a slightly overdone way!) and a modal popup with a colour picker.

The aim of the game is to click the colour name that corresponds to the colour of the background. If a colour is incorrect, it’ll disappear, and when the correct colour is picked, a popup appears showing the colour, it’s HSV and RGB codes, and an HSV colour picker to help get to know the colour and how it would be picked using colour picking tools.

Finally, you can choose to play again.

Just a bit of fun really, and a good excersise in coding 🙂