Sarah Agnew – Website & Blog

Job Information

Callum Boase
May 26, 2020
Web Design, WordPress,
Animations, Blog, Contact form, Custom archives, Custom single posts, Email marketing, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Instruction in how to use website, Newsletter, Portfolio, Responsive Design, and Search Engine Optimisation

Job Description

Enliven IT designed and developed a beautiful website for Sarah Agnew, a storyteller, minister and poet based in Canberra, ACT.

Sarah had an old blog hosted on blogspot, but it was clunky and out of date. Due to the upcoming publishing of a new book, Sarah decided that it was time to upgrade her blog to a modern, proffesionally designed website.

On her old blog Sarah was frustrated with the lack of organisation of the content, especially how it was hard for users to find a list of all her book and where to buy them, as well the lack of ability to browse blog posts by topic.

Therefore, we put a lot of focus on creating a logical and easy to use layout for her website. To solve the above problems, we created a customised portfolio of all Sarah’s books (complete with filterable archives for different publication types) and we created customised blog functionality, including a blog landing page with click-through to different categories, and a well-designed archive for browsing by category, tag, date etc.

Sarah’s website was built using WordPress, on her own web hosting. We set all of this up, and created a customised design for the website based on the style and color-scheme of her logo. Along with the portfolio and customised blog, the website also included some nice static pages, and a contact page with sign-up for a newsletter / email marketing list and a contact us form. The whole website was built to be responive, looking great on any device size and helped with basic Search Engine Optimisation strategies.

Sarah wished to manage the website herself, so after completing the job we created extensive documentation and spent a few hours teaching Sarah all about her new website and how to use it herself. We included a visual page-builder and templates for commonly used things like portfolio and blog posts, so that it was easy for Sarah to maintain with little technical knowledge.

Sarah was very happy with the final product, and is happily blogging on her new website to this day!