WQA Knack Web App Customisation

Job Information

Callum Boase
July 24, 2020
Knack, Web Development,
API Integration, CSS, and Javascript / Jquery

Job Description

Wheat Quality Australia runs an online web app built in Knack, a low-code web app building software, to help them with their classification and quality control of wheat varieties. They contacted Enliven IT for help extending the native functionality of the Knack app, with custom coded Javascript and CSS.

Callum helped them by writing custom front-end Javascript and CSS code for three different purposes:

  • Frontend bulk-update of data (which isn’t natively supported), by adding checkboxes and bulk update forms to some pages.
  • “Sticky Filters” – filters to data applied on a page are passed to the next page to increase user efficiency
  • Disabling form input fields if data is present, to effectively make existing data “read only”.

WQA wanted to maintain control of their app themselves, so we ensured that the code we wrote was easy to read and understand by someone with little coding knowledge, enabling WQA staff to easily apply / unapply the code to different parts of the app without needing Callum’s help. The code we wrote is also scalable and modular, so it can easily be applied to future parts of their app, with a very small amount of extra development time.