Web Design

Beautiful, Custom Websites

Beautiful, custom-designed websites for small and medium business.
We love using Web technologies to help you and your business thrive.

Our Web Design Service

Customised for you

Customised service for your needs and budget. Anything from simple, inexpensive websites through to complex and fully customised projects.

Unique Designs

Each website we make is beautiful and unique - designed and styled just for you. We can use your existing branding or create a whole new look.


We put a lot of focus on creating websites that are easy to use, well organised, and a breeze to navigate.


Every website we make is “responsive”, meaning that it will adjust itself to look good on any screen size, from large monitors to ipads, tablets and phones.

Maintain It Yourself

We'll ensure that it's easy to maintain and update your website on your own without any coding knowledge or advanced skills.

Lots of Options

Almost any features that you can think of can be included: pages, blogs, portfolios, contact forms, online stores, email marketing, social media, CRMs and more.

Search Engine Optimisation

Basic Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a standard part of every job, and we can help you with more advanced matters if you need it.

Not Locked In

The tools we use don’t lock you in to working with Enliven IT so you’ll be free to work with other developers in the future, if you choose to.

Some of our work...

Why Choose Us?

There’s lot of Web Design companies out there, so why choose us?

We're Dedicated

We're committed to every job we take on. We would love to help you and your business through Web technologies and we'll work tirelessy to maximise the benefits for you.

We're Also Developers

We bring our Web Development skills to every single job and we love finding cost-effective ways to customise your website to perfectly suit your needs, solve problems and increase efficiency.

Great Communication

We pride ourselves on being outstanding communicators - giving advice, replying promptly, explaining concepts in a way that’s easy to understand and always completing work on time.

Technologies & Extras

Some of the more technical information about our Web design service and extra options to choose from. Hover / tap to read more.

Built on WordPress


We build most websites using "Wordpress", an open source "Content Management" system that is used by millions of websites. It's cost-effective and helps us create a website that's easy for you to use and maintain.


Self-Hosted Website

The websites we build are hosted (stored) on your own web hosting account, which is the most scalable and cost-effective option. We'll set up your web hosting so it's easy to manage, including automatic backups and updates.

Business Email

Business Email Setup

We can set up business email (something@yourdomain.com) for you as part of our service. We'll discuss the different options and costs to help you decide on the best service.

How much does a website cost?

The cost to design and set up a website varies greatly depending on the project. For exact pricing, contact us for a free quote.

Initial Costs

Costs to establish your website and get it live.

ItemTypical CostMore Info
Domain Name$15-$25 AUDFirst year's payment for your personalised domain name.
Web hosting$9 AUDThe first month's payment for web hosting (your website's server).
Plugins for WordPress$30-$100 USD"Software" for your website, to bring extra functionality for minimal cost.
Enliven IT's services$1500-$6000 AUDDesign, development, setup & teaching you how to use your website. We'll give you a quote.

Ongoing Costs

Ongoing costs to maintain your website after it’s completed.

ItemTypical CostMore Info
Domain Name$15-$25 AUD/yrYearly fee for owning your domain name
Web hosting$9 AUD/moMonthly fee for your web hosting
Plugins$50 USD/yrSome plugins have a yearly subscription cost. We minimise ongoing costs as much as possible

Ready to Go?

Need Cheaper?

If the above costs are outside of your budget, we’re still happy to talk.

We can help you find options that reduce cost, for example by teaching you how to build your own website, or by making other compromises like not using your own domain name, or using an “out of the box” theme instead of customising a design for your branding.