Web Development

It’s a Passion!

We’re passionate about Web Development, because of it’s huge potential to solve real world problems and increase efficiency for businesses and individuals.

Why Web Development?

Automation And Efficiency​

Web Development can be used to solve a huge range of problems. Any task that is manual, repetitive, error-prone or data-intensive can probably be automated and made easier with a custom-developed solution. CRMs, online stores, event management systems, booking systems, timesheets, accounting and so much more!


We are on a mission to make web development much more affordable, so even small business can reap the benefits of increased efficiency and improved workflows.

Case Study: Farm it Forward

The Problem:

This community farming enterprise had a very limited budget and couldn’t afford to manually manage harvesting, ordering, invoicing, sales and private bookings. As they received media attention and grew in popularity, they were receiving an increasing amount of general enquiries from the public.

The Solution:​

Callum developed a very low cost CRM for them. Customers fill in a custom-survey, saving the response to a database automatically.

Managers use admin views to manage this data – tracking communication, statuses and conversions. This has been a massive time-saver.

Callum is also developing more systems to automate harvests, ordering and payments.

Our Web Development Services

Web Apps

Custom web apps with a minimal ongoing cost and unlimited number of users. Web apps can be developed for virtually anything and can be a massive timesaver.


Many businesses use a variety of different online services for different purposes, but they aren’t connected. We can do API integrations between services to save lots of time and manual work.

Website Customising

We can rework or extend the functionality of your existing website – changing styling, adding content, adding dynamic content and much more.

Some of our Web Development Clients

Conference Krakn website & portal

A powerful, integrated website and subscription portal for a phone-based conference calling service.

January 30, 2021

| Web Design | Web Development | Wordpress

Lead Tracker for AIT

A web app to help business development representatives manage appointments for car dealerships.

December 14, 2020

| Knack | Web Development

Customer Relationship Manager for COBU

A powerful web app for managing sales & customers, monitoring smart technology systems installed in buildings & managing work orders.

November 12, 2020

| Knack | Web Development

Commonly Used Technologies


WordPress development for basically any functionality, including online stores, CRMs, portfolios, forums, support portals and more.


Knack is a very affordable way to build fully customised web and database software, with low development costs and rapid deployment.

Google Apps

Google App Script can be used to extend functionality of Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google docs, Google Forms and more, or to create fully fledged apps.

Frontend Languages

Fully custom, we’re happy doing frontend web development using Html, CSS and Javascript.

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