Lead Tracker for AIT

Job Information

Callum Boase
December 14, 2020
Knack, Web Development,
CSS, Custom Knack coding, Javascript / Jquery, and Responsive Design

Job Description

Callum created a web app for Automotive Internet Technologies (AIT), a US based business development company that works with car dealerships.

The app revolves around appointments made with customers to visit car dealerships.

Business Development Representatives are able manage the customers and appointments they have set, along with deciding on, and tracking their own performance goals.

Team leaders can manage customers, appointments & performance goals for themselves, along with everyone in their team. Additionally they get access to data and reports about the dealerships their team is helping.

Dealerships get access to a range a useful pages including an auto-updating lists of upcoming appointments, an automatically updating “concierge board” to display to welcome customers as they arrive, and various reporting pages about their sales staff and Business Development Rep performance.  They can also subscribe to emails notifying them about appointments being created and edited.

Finally, admin users can do everything above, along with managing users of the app, with full permission to edit and delete any data for any user.

Visual representation of data is one of the outstanding features of this app. Appointments can be created & edited via a user-friendly calendar view (including clicking & dragging) and there are colour-coded visual charts throughout the app to help users understand the data intuitively.

The app is built in the Knack database software (read about our Knack services) and we used a range of custom-coding to extend the native features of the software. Notably these were:

  • Adding permission rules to the calendar, so users can only create & edit appointment record sif certain conditions are met (eg the appointment belongs to the logged in user)
  • Tweaks to the visual styling of the app including chart colours and moving elements on-page
  • Customsised validation rules when editing records
  • Limiting filter & search dropdown results to a subset of available records to maintain data privacy throughout the app (eg Business Development Reps can only see other Reps from the team they’re working for, not all teams)

The app is now live and is being used by a number of dealerships in the US. We have had lots of positive feedback about the app from users!